You Are The Church

     In the middle of all that is going on in our society and around the world right now, it is high time that the church, body of Christ, become united.  It is disheartening for me to go on social media and see people in the church bickering and maybe even being harsh about whether churches should hold physical services or not. There are arguments or disagreements going on from both perspectives.  Some may not even be arguments, but they are statements that can bring harm or hurt to other fellow Christians and maybe the individual posting them may not even realize that they are doing it.  While I even have my own views and perspectives, I don’t believe that we should share them, because these are uncertain times for many, and the worst thing we can do as brothers and sisters in Christ is cause or stir division within the church.  In other words if you see a church having church and you believe they shouldn’t, then just don’t say anything especially on social media where even unbelievers are going to see the discord in the church.  If you see a church not having service and you disagree, it would be best to say nothing on social media for all to see.  If you are going to do anything, then I would recommend having a private message with the leaders of said church.  I would also encourage you to not make statements on social media that are indirectly pointed at church leaders and specific churches.  This is not helping anything, but if anything may be secretly causing and stirring anger in hearts of churches, leaders, and other brothers and sisters in Christ all the while unbelievers are seeing this unfold. 
     You may ask, “what can we do?”  That is a great question. One of the first things that you can do is simply pray.  Pray for government officials, church leaders, and churches that God would direct them, and that they would be sensitive to the Spirit of God in these times.  Let us seek to unify the church.  If your church is holding a physical service but you don’t feel to go, then don’t go but also don’t speak your opinion about them holding a service. If they offer livestreaming then join in and watch. If your church is only offering livestreaming, then join in if at all possible, and participate in whatever way you church is offering. 
     There is one big thing that you can do and that is realize the regardless church is not a building, it is YOU!!!  As I was thinking about writing this a quote came up in my memories on Facebook, and it was a quote for Duncan Campbell. It says, “the kingdom of God is not going to be advanced by our churches becoming filled with men, but by men in our churches becoming filled with God.”  Jesus said in Luke 17:21 that the kingdom of God is within you.  You have to realize that YOU ARE THE CHURCH. It is not the building you attend, or the name on the sign of the building that you attend, but it is you and other brothers and sisters in Christ.  When you leave the building on Sunday, if you are in Christ and Christ in you, then the church leaves with you.  We are all commissioned to Go!! However, if we are bickering and simply complaining about something as simple as whether we are to hold a physical service, then are we really being the church. In 1 Corinthians 1, it says to not let there be ANY divisions among you.  So in this trying time, go be the light and shed encouragement and the good news to all instead of discord.  In this time many unbelievers are searching for something real,  let us be the church we are called to be and show them the light of Christ’s Love.