I wanted to take some time to write from a perspective that you may or may not have. This is not about starting a disagreement, but only to hopefully get you to look at things from another angle.  Often times our perspective of something leads us to believe the way we do, and oftentimes we won’t open our thoughts to a different perspective.  I understand that this perspective will not be recieved by all, because I am specifically looking at it from the stand point of being a Christian.  With that being said, let us dive in.
     Thousands of years ago God created the heavens and the earth and he eventually made man and then made a woman from the man. He put them in a garden with many trees that produced fruit, and they could almost eat of all of them without consequence, but there was this one tree that God specifically told them not to eat of which was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Guess what? They ate of the tree that they were not suppose to eat of and it held some drastic consequences that affected not only them but many others that would come after them.  Now you may ask, if God knew they were going to eat of the tree, then why did He put it there?  I believe that there is a simple answer to that.  God wanted man to have the freedom of choice, and God wanted man to choose to be obedient to Him.  He didn’t want to control man, but God wanted man to have the freedom to choose.  That is the beauty of God’s love that He doesn’t seek to control us, but desires for us to choose to follow Him.
     With that being said, imagine a bird that is in a cage, and all that bird will know as long as it is in the cage is just what lies there in that confinement.  It will never know what it is like to sit on a tree branch and sing.  It will never know what it is like to fly or even soar through the open sky.  There are many things that this bird will not get to experience.  So as long as the bird is caged, it will never really live.  Imagine that bird is set free. It will get to experience life to the fullest. He will have the freedom to come and go as He chooses.  Are there dangers with the bird be in the wild? Of course there is but that is a part of being free.
      Here is what I am trying to convey. I know that there are many views about governors and the president making the very difficult decision to begin reopening the economy.  Here is the beauty in that, they are giving you true freedom, because you have the freedom to come and go as you choose.  Are there dangers out there? Yes there are, but you have the freedom to choose to go or to stay. The freedom of choice is the pinnacle of true freedom.  Before someone misinterprets what I am saying, I am not talking about abortion. Becoming pregnant is a result of a choice, but I do not believe that someone should get to choose abortion without consequences.  However, I would like to say that it amazes me of how many pro-choice people are against the freedom to make their own choice when it comes to the health of their own life reguarding the current pandemic.
     Again, I want to make it clear that this is just one perspective that maybe you have not considered.  Just because some things are reopening doesn’t mean you have to participate.  However, why should you expect the governor or president to make a decision for you? Now you are able to make that decision for yourself.  Just as you must make an eternal decision. All that is going on is temporal, but what about eternal life?  Their is decision that YOU MUST make reguarding your own life and the results of that decision are eternal.  The decision is whether or not you will choose to become a firm believer and follower of Christ.  No one else can govern your decision but you. What is it going to be today? If you don’t know Christ, will you make the decision to know Him today?  I love you all!!