Do you feel called to the five-fold ministry, or do you feel called to minister to those in prison, but don’t know how to go about fulfilling that call?  We want to help you fulfill the calling that God has on your life. While we know that it is God who ordains and appoints church leaders, we also understand that in order to fulfill some of those callings within our society that you may need some sort credentials.  That is where we come in. We want to help license and ordain those whom God has called to ministry so that they can serve to the fullest.  We will confirm to society that you are called of God to serve in whatever capacity you feel called to.  
We want to encourage you to consider the licensing and ordination process at Firehouse Church.  We are not the one who is calling you to ministry, but only to confirm that calling through providing you with legal credentials.  The process for licensing can take up to 1 year, and ordination can take up to two years.  If you would like more info please click on the Ordination and Licensing Process link below. If you would like to go ahead and apply please click on the Application link to download and print the application.  You can send the application with the enclosed fee to the address on the top of the application.