Kid Spark is the children's ministry of Firehouse Church.  There are two areas of children's ministry at Firehouse on any given Sunday morning. The first is our ministry to kids ages 4-12 and it is currently being revamped into what we are calling the Faith Factory.  Faith Factory will become the theme for this age group and it is about building the kids faith in Christ and who they are in Christ. 
     Each Sunday, kids can be checked-in at Plugged-In and go to Kid Spark.  We have worship, the Word is shared, and a time of prayer. This ministry is currently led by our family pastor, Corey Findley and his wife DeAnna. 
    The second area to Kid Spark is our nursery. Our nursery is available to serve families with children that are 3 and under.  Our nursery director is Karen Brundridge and she serves under the direction of Pastor Corey.  We would be glad to share time with your little one on any given Sunday.
     We at Firehouse understand the concerns of Parents and the safety of their children.  That is why we do not take it lightly to take precautionary measures to protect your and our children.  Each leader that works with your child each Sunday has undergone a background check.  We have also added a check in process to make sure we know when the child is in your care.  We also have other procedures that you are more than welcome to ask our volunteers about.  We look forward to serving you and your children at Firehouse.  If you are checking in a new child, then you can click here to fill out the check in form before you arrive.