Church Planting and Firehouse Network

          I want to take a little time to elaborate on what the current church planting model will look like for Firehouse and what the network of Firehouse Church could potentially look like. While at the time of the writing of this blog, there are no finite locations as to where we feel the next church plant will be, we can still paint somewhat of a picture as to the process and end result. We must understand that what is being shared is only a result of what we do with the seed right now. It is currently in seed form and needs to be nurtured and watered with the Word of God and prayer. If we continue to be sensitive to the Spirit and obedient to God’s direction, it is then that He will make the plant what it needs to be. 
          The first step will be to establish a team of passionate individuals. These individuals should be first and foremost be passionate about their relationship with Christ, and secondly be passion and motivated about starting a new work for Him.  They must feel as if they are answering His call for them to go on this journey.   We will need a team that consist of but not limited to a lead campus pastor, worship pastor, family pastor, hospitality team members, nursery and kids church team members, musicians, and media team member.  This team should be able to work well with one another as they move forward in the journey.  The lead campus pastor must become ordained or at least licensed through Firehouse Church, but eventually achieve ordination.  The team will meet 2-4 times per month to prepare for the eventual launch of the church plant.
          Under the current model of planting for Firehouse, the church plant will operate as an extension and not as an entirely different entity.  It will be under the same governing board, potentially share bank accounts, and also have access to all the tools that Firehouse currently utilizes and pays for.  It will be one church and one fellowship meeting in different locations.  The board of directors for Firehouse Church will oversee the entirety of network fellowships. However, each individual fellowship will most likely have an operations committee that will be appointed by the lead campus pastor to help him oversee the local fellowship. It would be idea that eventually the board of directors be made up of the Lead pastor and the lead campus pastors.  
          To help understand a little more of how the network of churches will be intertwined, I want to use this small example.  Firehouse currently uses a church management software to record contributions, do child check in, and post events.  The same account will be shared amongst all network churches.  In other works if you attend Firehouse Elberton and check your child in, then when you attend another campus your child will already be in the system.  The idea is that it is seamless integration.  Your tithing will be recorded across all Firehouse network churches so that you will recieve one contribution report.  The network will partner together for outreach endeavors and conferences and such.
          I hope that this brings a little more insight into what the future holds for our Firehouse family of believers.  We also hope that you will be in prayer about this journey, and that you will believe with us for God’s perfect will to be done as we move forward. If you would like to be a part of one of the plant teams, please let us know. May God Bless you and yours!

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